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Printal Oy is the only manufacturer of aluminium packages in the Nordic countries that makes both aluminium cans and tubes. The company has almost 60 years’ experience in the industry and the skills and expertise that go with that. But it is constantly striving to develop and review its approach to business, allowing it to meet the needs and demands of customers and markets in the current millennium.

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Aerosol cans


Our range of aerosol cans consists of products of different lengths with diameters from 22 to 53 mm. Standard pressure resistance is 12 bar. We also manufacture 15, 18, 30 and even 45 bar cans.

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Aluminium tubes


Our range of tubes consists of products of different lengths with diameters from 16 to 53 mm. We can supply different types of cap for your tubes, as required.

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Whatever your packaging needs may be, the best results are achieved in collaboration. We believe in creating solutions and growing together with you.
Pertti Hakala, CEO
Printal Oy

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